Aqua Aerobics

What is Aqua Aerobics?

Water (Aqua) aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without swimming, typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training.
An Aqua aerobics class is exercises performed to music in a swimming pool, in an organized group.

Class Schedule

17:20       – Mondays
07:30, 08:20, 10:15 (Low impact)       – Tuesdays
07:30, 08:20, 17:20 – Wednesdays
07:30, 08:20, 10:15 (Low impact)    – Thursdays
07:30, 08:20          – Fridays

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

  • Improvement of circulation, cardiac and pulmonary function
  • Improvement in general fitness and well being
  • Improvement of muscle strength and endurance
  • Encouragement of functional activities
  • Maintenance and improving of balance, co-ordination, core stability and posture
  • The maintenance and increase in joint range of motion
  • The strengthening of week muscles and an increase in their tolerance to exercise
  • The relief of pain and spasms
  • Psychological benefits from the induced relaxation and release of endorphins
  • FUN!!

Lynn’s Story

After my first knee replacement in May, 2017, I was determined to get my mobility back so after 6 weeks I found a personal gym trainer who was very kind and helpful. The exercise regime began: I was stiff and sore for two days after my session and then I would have to go to gym again. Then, holy moly I was stiff again. This continued for 8 weeks and in the end I was dreading having to go. Fortunately, my second knee replacement was coming up so I was able to stop but I knew would have to start exercising with my trainer again after six weeks. I really was dreading it.
Five weeks after the second knee replacement I was able to drive again. My friend Louise came over to see how I was doing and I told her I was not relishing a return to gym. She asked “Why gym when Aqua aerobics is available?” Louise encouraged me go with her to Aqua and. She assured me that I was under no obligation to continue if I didn’t like it however the thought of getting into a costume in my current state of being overweight, hairy legs, getting my hair wet, -uggh.
I went off to Woolies to buy a costume and next day I got up at sparrows to be at the early class. I was secretly excited about this new endeavor although a little reticent. I sat in the traffic that morning wondering if I would like it. When I got to the pool, I was warmly greeted by all the ladies there and instantly felt at home. Louise introduced me and I felt warmth and acceptance from them. Their attitude of we’re all in this together made me feel very welcome. Then I was introduced to Sandri, our lovely, slim instructress, who was also so warm and welcoming that I instantly felt at home.
The class started and Sandri was observant and caring, giving each of us personal attention. When the exercises were affecting our ailments, she would modify the exercise so we would keep moving and was most encouraging. I went home physically tired but my heart was singing. I knew I would be stiff the next day not having exercised for months but hey presto! Next morning, I was up and about and feeling very good about myself, I couldn’t wait until the next lesson.
After a few weeks I was chatting to Dani, my granddaughter who was completing her first year Physiotherapy Course at UDW and I was telling her how I was enjoying the Aqua aerobics exercises when she said she would be keen to join. She has been coming with me ever since. My friends have been saying that they’re amazed at how quickly I have recovered from my knee replacements and so when I tell them about how I attribute it to Aqua they are interested and I invited them to come along but many of them don’t want to put a costume on, say they’re too fat and too old and don’t want to get their hair wet,-uggh
I tell them how my balance and my knees have improved and that I am feeling more fit and it seems to resonate with them because gradually they’re seeing that it could benefit them too. They ask for Sandri’s phone number and then come along for a free lesson and getting hooked themselves.
Sandri has welcomed them all and so we’re all part of the happy Aqua family. I love my friends and I love Aqua.

Sandri has welcomed them all and so we’re all part of the happy Aqua family. I love my friends and I love Aqua.


Hi folks. I am nearly 79 yrs. old. Fat and unfit. Was intimidated to put on a costume and scared I would make a fool of myself. Excuse the pun, but I took the plunge and enrolled with Aqua Fit run by Sandri.
Second month of fun and laughter, together with a tough workout! Fabulous Senior ``ducks``, all flopping around and getting fit. Cannot believe that years after a hip operation and ``waddling`` side to side when I walk, have totally corrected my posture and walking straight. Never dreamt you could do so much with a ``pool noodle``! Must be hilarious to watch us. I wish I had started years ago. Sandri you are the best.


I am so thankful to have Sandri at Aquafit as my Aqua couch. I have generalized Osteoarthritis. I am in a lot of pain especially in my lower and mid back. I have found the Aqua class stops my joints from going stiff and painful. The water is always warm and Sandri is very attentive and makes sure that I do not do anything to injure myself. My body is more flexible, I feel stronger and have less pain. Thank you, Sandri for being so caring and helpful.


Aqua aerobics-boring, predictable, only for the old and infirm?? Not with Sandri!!
I have been doing aqua aerobics for the past year and have loved it. Sandri makes each lesson vibrant, through use of different equipment, exercises and music. Should you have any injuries Sandri is knowledgeable about which exercises to do and how. I have met some great people and we all have a laugh or two during class. A great way to raise your fitness levels and have fun at the same time!


Want to get fit, have fun and meet awesome ladies...Aquafit is the perfect place. Love the heated indoor pool. Large or small it’s perfect for all. So happy I found you. Love it!


AquaFit is where you make friends for life with people you see twice a week in water. It sounds like a big tree with little birds before a lesson, with all the chatter and laughing. Once in the water it is like Heaven. The nice warm water gentle massages your body, the music takes you away to Island far away. It is amazing how you discover your body at 60 again. Wow I got a muscle here and here -whoopi hoera. When the music slows down and you close your eyes, you can hear the palms, the smooth voice of Sandri and the water. Then you breathe and breathe again and “give yourself a clap”.
AquaFit changed my life. Do yourself a favour, come try it, you will never regret it.


I was in a serious car accident, which left me medically unfit for the type of work I was doing. I was constantly in pain, had difficulty walking and had no balance. The mobility of my arms was really affected and I couldn’t raise my arms above head.
In 2016 I started Aqua Aerobics and my mobility improved over time. I became more flexible and was delighted to be able to raise my arms above head again. I wasn’t living on pain killers any longer.
Due to work commitment I started skipping classes at the end of 2018. I had to stop completely due a small medical procedure, for the last 3 months. I started to lose my mobility again and had joint and muscle pain.
I am so glad to be back at AquaFit from March 2019 and already feel better after only 2 sessions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your Aqua Fit classes. It has been wonderful to find a way of exercising after a very long recovery period with my injured neck. I never thought I would be doing star jumps, froggy jumps, skipping and all sorts of other movements, all of which I would never be able to do out of the water. The freedom to move my body has made me stronger and has helped my recovery. Thank you for always being aware of everyone's limitations and making sure we are doing the exercises in the correct way. Aquafit with you has been such fun and I have met such friendly people.


As a teenager, I began experiencing the effects of ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune disease that is part of the arthritis family. I suffered for years with ongoing pain in my SI joint and connective tissue inflammation in my upper back and chest. I could only control pain with chronic meds, anti-inflammatories and physio. Although I knew I had to exercise, even pilates and swimming had no impact on my pain management and during flares, seemed to make it worse. I started aqua five years ago because I love the water and the class looked fun. I soon noticed that along with increased fitness and a stronger core, the time between flares was increasing. An annual check-up with my rheumatologist confirmed that my joint mobility was back within normal range. A year later it was in the above average range. At the moment, although I remain on chronic immune suppressants, I seldom need anti-inflammatories for pain. I'm fitter and healthier than I've been since I was twelve and I'm convinced this is a direct result of large doses of prayer and regular aqua.


Best Ever!
I joined Aquafit to tone those muscles that don’t remember they belong to me.... and I’m so impressed! Not only is it a great workout but it’s a fun class and my clothes are fitting better! Thank you Sandri!


I have had severe back problems for years. Two orthopaedic surgeons, specializing in backs, have recommended - NO Operation. I have been in and out of hospital, laying in traction, for 6 weeks. I had to wear a corset for 6 months. Aqua Aerobics had been recommended to me, in combination to not lifting my arms above head. I used 60 pain killers and 60 Tramaset tablets per month. I fractured my toe and a pin was inserted into my foot. The colour of my toes stayed a blue/purple for a long time. Due to a hernia, it is almost impossible for me to do land exercise.
Finally, in August 2018 I decided to take the plunge and join AquaFit. I have had no pain or discomfort while exercising. I could cut down on my pain killers (Less than 20 per month). I do activities like hanging washing and climbing on a ladder, that I am not suppose to be doing. The colour of my toes is back to a normal, healthy colour.
Personally, I feel that the solution to a lot of my health problems, has been water exercise. I enjoy the 2 mornings per week in the water tremendously. Even my husband, Chris, says that he can see a difference in me.


I came across the above quote by Patty Carey, quite some time ago and it rang so true for me! Having orbited the sun 74 times and now embarking on the 75th orbit, I realized that I needed a new interest to keep the above plan going. Sometime late last year I happened to be parked next to Sandri's car at a supermarket parking lot. Her ad on the car sparked an initial enquiry and eventual commitment to the AQUAFIT program. O my word, how pleased I am that I have...altough I have always enjoyed exercise in some form or another, I had been reluctantly aware that I was indeed slowing down a tad..whether I liked it or not! That is until I joined AQUAFIT on the 15th of January. That decision has renewed my plan with full vigor and zest... Sandri, our lovely teacher is an inspiration of note and the members are a lovely and friendly group. Apart from the health benefits, it's FUN! I am engaged in exercises I never thought I could or would do. Now, almost two months of cardio exercise and good stretching techniques, I often wonder 'what on earth took you so long, Patsy?'. One is never too late or too old to set new goals and AQUAFIT is the answer to a good and healthy goal. Maybe there could be a few questions? Here are the answers:
Don't worry about the weather - It's an undercover heated pool.
Don't worry about parking - It is secure.
Don't worry about the costume - wouln't be seen dead syndrome - We are all in the same boat and besides we are in the water exercising!
Oportunities to make new friends...and the list continues.
AQUAFIT also provides two low impact sessions for post-op or injury and for newbies to get started. AQUAFIT will change your life - Body & Soul.
Nothing can survive without water - makes you think doesn't it?


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