Yvonne Larkin

I attended the SAWFA Aqua Instructors’ course at the end of September, and was blown away with the knowledge that was imparted to us students. Not only was the course beautifully co-ordinated, the lectures, practical demonstrations and information were first class.

I am a swimming teacher, and the knowledge given has also assisted me in my swimming lessons. I highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to be a professional aqua instructor.

Sandra Wickee

I arrived with many preconceived ideas about what the course would cover and have been amazed at the depth of learning that is required to qualify as an aqua fitness instructor! As a result of being a course participant, I have immense respect for all the instructors I exercise with, knowing now what they achieve and then implement over years of experience, to plan such varied and enjoyable lesson content.

Shadrack Lewa Safari

When I first heard about Aqua training from Aqua Instructor Liezl Slabbert, I thought it was similar to swimming or land aerobics. I have experienced this in my home country Kenya.

I am in South Africa on a journey to learn about the benefits and importance of swimming fitness and to become a certified Scuba diver. This led me to the SAWFA Aqua Instructors’ course. I was amazed by the highly qualified Instructors, the methods they used to train us in the lecture room and in the various pool sessions. The course was well organized and very professionally presented. Armed with my open water diver certification, basic seamanship and knowledge of swimming, I found the training very knowledgeable. I think it will be a worthy investment for anyone wanting to become an Aqua Instructor. There is nothing greater than a course being conducted by well-disciplined and organized Instructors, who not only train you, but also mentor you to the core of Aqua Fitness.

For anyone aspiring to be an Aqua Fitness Instructor, please put SAWFA KZN Course on your bucket list. You won’t regret it.

Seugnet Burger

Thinking back to the time before I started on this Aqua journey—- Wow, how ignorant I was! Aquasize is so much more than I thought. This course has opened my eyes to a new and exciting world full of opportunities. Everyone involved is extremely dedicated and passionate about it, making this one of the most intense and challenging experiences of my life. The course is very well organised and presented. The SAWFA ladies are always willing to assist in any way they can, and for this I am very grateful. Now … let’s get qualified!

Tersia Yeld

Amazing! If I had to choose one word to describe the course it would be amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth as well as the thoroughness of this Aqua course, the effort that went into preparing for the course, the hospitality of everyone that gave of their time and opened their homes for accommodation. I would be so proud to be a member of such a well-coordinated organization and would recommend this course, which is tough, but good, to anyone. Thank you to everyone who made it happen.

Lorette Olivier

To say the SAWFA Instructors’ Course was awesome would be an understatement. I went into this course with the preconceived idea that aqua classes were for the elderly who struggled with other forms of exercise. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve truly learnt so much, including the names of muscles and bones I barely knew existed. The course was well planned, the lectures fun and very informative (talk about exercising the brain). I loved doing this course and met some amazing people. Thank you to everyone involved in getting this course together – a job truly well done!!

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